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Hard at work…


Tons of Turkeys

Saturday was a busy day as we got everyone ready for our trip to our Hannaford’s Supermarket on Jenkins Road.  With the wife and kids in tow we headed to the back of the supermarket where they keep the turkeys.  We collected five turkeys and five “fund a feast” boxes which the kids helped us load into the carriage and unload at the register.  Not sure they completely understood the concept, but it still made us all feel pretty good.


Raised Beds

I finished running the boards through my table saw to get some consistent widths and cut them to length so Billy and I could start assembling them.  Assembly is Billy’s favorite task, because he gets to use the screw gun.  We ended up with three 2′ square boxes that are 8″ tall and one 2′ square box that is 6″ tall.  All we need is some hardware cloth on the bottom and some soil and we are in business.


Sunday was the day of the truck.  After finishing up my Sunday chores, and with some encouragement from the wife, I set out to finish up the repair of my truck.  I finished the time-consuming drilling (by hand),  tapping, and installing a Timesert insert into the #2 cylinder  2 weeks ago, and only had to gap the new spark plug, install it and re-install the coil pack to get the truck running on 8 cylinders again.  The long sit in the driveway left me with a dead battery so that was another small hurdle to overcome.  Once I finished jumping the truck, I took it for its first drive in about a month.  Blowing plugs in F-150’s seems to be a common problem, so I plan on posting a page on my repair experience.


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  1. Have you considered stacking some of those boxes? Things like carrots would like the deeper soil without having to go through the hardware cloth. You could also start potatoes in a single box and add more boxes as they grow. Just a thought.

    Comment by Fritz | November 21, 2011 | Reply

    • Actually my other four 4’x4′ boxes are 12″+/- deep. They are made up of a 2×6 frame on top of a 2×8 frame. The extra depth made a big difference on my carrots this year. I think you got the right idea and I am definitely going to consider something like this for potatoes next season. My potatoes this year in 5 gallon buckets was not as successful as I hoped.

      Comment by billcarpenter4 | November 22, 2011 | Reply

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