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New Compost Bin

Last week I had an opportunity to salvage some 2×4 and 2×12 lumber from some shipping pallets. I broke down the pallets, pulled the nails an rough cut everything to 48″+/- in length. This length would work well for a couple of raised beds using the 2×12’s and would be long enough for a new 2-bin composting set-up.


As luck would have it the weekend was almost a total washout. We got almost 4″ of rain through Sunday morning. After brunch we were able to get started.

I had done some web research last year and found some good photos of other peoples bins and figured I would mimic them. The basic concept was to build three 3′ square frames and span between them with a couple 2×4’s. Now my 2×4’s where 48″ long because they were from a pallet so that would govern the maximum width for my bins.


In the photo above, the three 3′ frames are vertical and I spanned the bottom of the bins with my 2×4’s.


Next, I rotated the bins so they were upright and added two more 2×4’s along the back of the bins to stiffen them up even more. These two additional 2×4’s also provide a good spot for attaching the mesh.

Until now all you would need for tools was a saw and a screw gun with deck screws. Now that my helpers awoke from their naps, I needed a lot more tools. Amazing how you need three of everything with two boys.


Above, I attached the first section of cheap plastic mesh from Lowes. I specifically bought a 36″ wide roll so it would be the height of the bins with no cutting to width. I simply stapled on the mesh to the wood with a staple gun and some 1/2″ staples.


With the mesh on and the skies starting to mist I cleaned up and slid the bins into the new location. I have plans to put the moveable wood fronts on the bins but that project would need to wait until a future weekend.



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  1. I love this project. I have been attempting to compost for three years now and it never seems to work out. The first year we tried some plastic snow fence with shepherds hooks and last year we had one of those black bins from Lowes. This one looks a lot like the compost bin I remember from my grandfathers house. Here’s hoping next year we won’t have to buy compost becuase we have our own.

    Comment by Wendy (Bill's wife) | June 5, 2012 | Reply

  2. If I had someone who could build me compost bins like that I’m sure I’d give it a go. In the meantime I’ve been doing something called cold composting – it works for me in my small scale garden. You grind up all your fruit and veggie tailings in a blender with some water, make a trench between rows or on a fallow row in the garden, pour in the compost (or garbage smoothie as I call it) then cover it back up again.

    Comment by biggsis | June 6, 2012 | Reply

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