Little Creek Maple Farm

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Winter is finally here!


Well, with two significant snowfalls this week, I can safely say that winter has arrived here in New Hampshire.  It has been cold with a few mild afternoons during the month of December, so I always felt we could have a slight warm up at any time, but now there is no denying it!  The snow covered ground proves that winter is here to stay.

Our first storm, a couple of days ago, brought us 10” of heavy snow, and last night’s storm dumped about 6” of the fluffy stuff on us.  Now that winter is here, it looks like I will have to pack up the woodshop AKA the garage, so we can park some vehicles in there and get them out of the elements.  I know the wife will be glad to have her car indoors again…

I am happy to see the snow, because deep down I enjoy removing it!  It must be something in my nature that enjoys going outside and taking back my snow covered driveway from mother nature, at least until the next storm that is.

I have been called a snow removal perfectionist by some.  The driveway needs to be done in a certain way to limit snow pack from errant footsteps, and snow blowing the same area more than once drives me batty.  Some may call me crazy, but with a 250’ driveway on an incline you tend to learn tricks to make your life slightly easier, so two days later when you go to drive that front wheel drive car up the hill you may just make it without sliding off into the willywacks.

All in all, I am glad winter is here. It means I have to take stock of what I need to get the evaporator ready for sugaring season, which is 2 months away.


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