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Sugaring 2013 – Boarding & Bricking Part 3

So, I have to admit I was a little sore yesterday.  There was a lot of crouching and bending over the arch to insert and take away bricks and I sure felt some stiffness in the morning and the fact that the weather was still miserable out didn’t help motivate me.  The temperature was a mild 40F, but still felt cool and damp with a heavy fog and was just an overall dreary day.

After I completed my Sunday chores it was time to complicate the install of the step in the back of the arch a little bit.  Essentially, I built a raised platform on top of the arch board that was lining the bottom of the evaporator.  It may have been easier just to stack bricks to fill the space but that would be too easy.

Bricking the arch part 2 2013-01-13 001

Once I more or less built the perimeter frame and leading edge I was ready to install a layer of arch board on top of the frame work of bricks.  I had some extra arch board and needed the extra 1” of height, so in it went.

Bricking the arch part 2 2013-01-13 006

The finish line is nearing!  Only six more bricks to install and because I like symmetry I needed to cut each one to length.  I could have just put three full size bricks on the step and only cut the other three to length but than the design would not be balanced!  After all, what is three more cuts and what would I do if a visually unbalanced brick layout some how screwed up this years syrup making!  To be safe I chose symmetry and a few more cuts.

Bricking the arch part 2 2013-01-13 009Bricking the arch part 2 2013-01-13 011

As I placed the last brick, I was not quite finished.  I still needed to completely unbrick the arch so I could move it to the yard.  At first I thought I would be able to only take some of the bricks out, but then I tried to move this pig fully loaded and she was not going anywhere!  I guess 56 bricks is a significant amount of weight when you put into a big metal box and try to move it all at once!

Bricking the arch part 2 2013-01-13 022Bricking the arch part 2 2013-01-13 030

It took all of my inner strength not to fit these bricks super tight for no gaps, but from what I read I need to allow some space between the bricks so I can cement them in at a later date.  Now to take it all apart move it to the yard and level it up.

Bricking the arch part 2 2013-01-13 038Bricking the arch part 2 2013-01-13 039Bricking the arch part 2 2013-01-13 036

Hopefully six weeks from now, when I go to disassemble the arch for summer storage this blog will help me remember how everything goes back together!

Bricking the arch part 2 2013-01-13 044

Leveling her up before I re-brick her…

Bricking the arch part 2 2013-01-13 049Bricking the arch part 2 2013-01-13 052

Not too shabby.  I probably should have used metal washers to shim her up, but all I had on hand was wood shims.  Next year perhaps.  With the syrup pan level, I brought the pan back into the house and started re-bricking the arch.  I covered the arch up and I am ready to start thinking about the stack next.


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  1. That looks awesome! You might want to get some washers for the shims, between the weight of the bricks and sap in the pan and the vibration of the sap boiling the wood shims might not hold up for the season and having the pan out of level is a nightmare.

    Comment by Steve May | January 14, 2013 | Reply

  2. […] my act together and finish setting up the WF Mason 2×3 Hobby Evaporator.  I had previously bricked up the evaporator and calibrated my syrup pan thermometer, so now all that’s left was to install the smoke stack, […]

    Pingback by Sugaring 2013 – Test Boil, Part 1 « Little Creek Maple Farm | February 19, 2013 | Reply

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