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Sugaring 2013 – Maple Saturday

We were surprised this Saturday by my folks.  Lucky for them we chose today to make maple peanuts, and finish out a batch of syrup.

2013-03-23 001 2013-03-23 049

The recipe for maple nuts is simple, and I have posted the recipe previously here.  Basically, you heat 6 ounces of syrup to 240F and add it to some preheated nuts, stir until the syrup sugars, and the pour the sugared peanuts onto a cookie sheet to rest.  Then wait 30 minutes until cool to eat, if you can wait that long!

With the maple nuts ready, I turned my attention to finishing our syrup.  We had about two gallons of “almost syrup” that I had brought to about 50 on the Brix Scale and had placed in the fridge.  To finish the “almost syrup”, I did two batches on our stove, boiling each batch until they reached at least 59 on the Brix scale when hot.

2013-03-23 001 2013-03-23 0212013-03-23 001 2013-03-23 050

As you can see, the first batch of syrup was a little heavy at 62 Brix so I brought the second batch to exactly 59 Brix, so they would be a little heavier than they needed to be when blended together.  I filtered all the syrup through several synthetic filters and one Orlon filter, and into a stainless steel bowl.  I then put this bowl on top of my stainless steel pot that had 2” of water in it that I had brought to a boil while filtering the syrup.  The idea here is to create a double boiler and bring the filtered syrup up to 185-190F so I can hot pack my syrup in glass bottles.

I decided to give the West Bend 30 cup coffee urn another shot at bottling the syrup this year.  I already had an epic failure on the last batch I made, and I was determined to make this thing work, because bottling has been a pain.

While I was finishing the syrup, I put a couple inches of water in the coffee urn and turned it on.  It took a while to go through the “brew cycle” and when it was done and in “warming mode” signaled by the little orange light glowing, I left it as is with the hot water in it.  After I brought the filtered syrup up to 190F in the double boiler, I quickly had the wife empty the hot water in the coffee urn into the sink and I poured the syrup into the coffee urn.  This was quite the scene and I am sure my parents enjoyed watching the show!  Now with hot syrup in the urn, we could bottle fast and easy from the urn’s spigot.  I did have to teach Wen how to pour the syrup.  Apparently, someone had never poured a beer from a tap before, so her first bottle of syrup was a little bubbly to say the least!

The coffee urn is definitely a huge time saver when bottling!  We went through 22 glass bottles and 2 mini plastic bottles super fast.  For anyone trying to bottle with a coffee urn – when you get within a couple inches of the bottom you need to unplug the coffee urn so you don’t burn out the element before you bottle your last couple of bottles.

2013-03-23 001 2013-03-23 054

I love seeing the finished product jarred like this.  Kudos to Wen for getting this awesome shot.  After everything cooled down, the syrup graded out as Medium Amber!  Fun times!


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