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Headboard 4.0 – Sanding & Priming

It’s been awhile since the last update, but it’s funny how easily we lose free time in the summer months.  I finished permanently installing the raised panels into the headboard using the fancy panel clips below.  I used new screws and attached the clips in new locations.  Before tightening all of the clips down I went around to the front of the headboard to make sure the alignment of the raised panels jived with each other and the frame that they were set into. When everything was aligned properly I filled any obvious imperfections with wood filler, tightened down the clips and it was time to sand later that day!

2013-07-21 001 2013-07-21 023

I duct taped my orbital sander’s dust port to my shop-vac and was ready for the fun began.  My goal was to knock the shine off of any previously finished woodwork and provide a quick sanding of any new wood on the headboard so I used 100-grit sanding discs and sanded with the grain to get the result below.

2013-07-21 001 2013-07-21 001

Everything was easily sanded even the side shelving units.  The 100-grit made quick work of any imperfections.  With everything sanded I hit the head board with a tack cloth and we were ready for what I am hoping is the first of two coats of primer.  Depending on the coverage I may be able to fill any remaining imperfections brought out by the priming and then knock down any raised grain with some 150-grit sandpaper prior to applying the second coat of primer.

2013-07-21 001 2013-07-21 006

When building this project I remembered how hard it was painting the inside of the Stratton Bed I built so I designed these shelves with a back panel that is removable.  This allowed me to easily get into the shelves to make sure I could paint and the cracks, and panels with ease!

Back panel removed below.

2013-07-21 001 2013-07-21 025

The primer I used was a gallon of Kilz2 Water-based Latex Primer Sealer, that we had laying around unopened.  This was my first time using this primer, on my previous projects we used the Glidden Gripper with the green label and I was running low on the Gripper, and wanted to prime something so I figured the Kilz2 was worth a shot.  With one coat of primer on it was ready to dry.  It was nice to see the headboard start to take shape in one color.  From the photos below you can still see where the recycled wood is a darker shade of white, but the first coat seemed to stick well.  Originally, I was thinking two coats, but I may opt for 3 light coats, so I can have a nice consistent white to apply the color on.

2013-07-21 001 2013-07-21 009

A close up of the crown molding profile that I used.  There is still one more piece of woodworking that I need to complete at this point which the top shelf.  The top shelf will be a 3/4” thick, and I am still kicking around how I want to build it, where it will be wider than 12” and longer than 8’-0”.  Currently I am leaning towards a 1×4 front and sides with a decorative edge on the finished side and a rabbet on the inside to accept a piece of plywood.2013-07-21 001 2013-07-21 013

Another side view with the upper shelving unit painted out (back panel removed for painting).

2013-07-21 001 2013-07-21 016

A side view showing the bottom panel below the shelving unit (back panel removed for painting).

2013-07-21 001 2013-07-21 017


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  1. It is looking great!

    Comment by Judy @ GrandparentsPlus2 | July 29, 2013 | Reply

    • Thanks Judy, Still a long way to go. The painting always seems to be the most time consuming for me anyways. Thanks for the comments.

      Comment by billcarpenter4 | July 29, 2013 | Reply

  2. NICE JOB!!!

    Comment by The Belmont Rooster | July 29, 2013 | Reply

    • Thanks for the comments. The painting always seems to take the longest!

      Comment by billcarpenter4 | July 29, 2013 | Reply

  3. Good work… I have a refinishing project that was to be completed by mid July that isn’t quite done (at all haha)…

    At least it is stripped and stained though. Time…. what is that?

    Comment by cohutt | July 30, 2013 | Reply

    • Time is definitely something that I never seem to have enough of lately. It’s always finishing the projects that seems to take the longest. Hope to see your project when its complete.

      Comment by billcarpenter4 | July 30, 2013 | Reply

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