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Quilting Table – 2.0

Part two of the quilting table saga.  In order to get a better fit of the quilting table I needed to taper part of the plywood top that was towards the back rear of the sewing machine.  Doing this meant a little bit of hand tool work.  I stood the piece vertically in my vise and with a hand saw, yes I did say handsaw, I cut the angled portion of the cut.  I then cleaned up the cut with some chisels and some sand paper.  It only took me one trip up to the sewing room to test fit my handiwork before I had a tight fit.

2013-12-28 001 2013-12-28 001

After test fitting the table top and making sure the top would sit flush it was time to focus on the legs.

2013-12-28 001 2013-12-28 018

During my last trip to the home center I had picked up some adjustable glide feet that I thought would be perfect for the final adjustments I would need to level the top in place.  I also had some left over 5/4 pine that would also be beefy enough to support the table top, provide a little weight to the top, and at 1-1/8” wide would provide a little more gluing area for attaching the legs to the top.

2013-12-28 001 2013-12-28 003

With an idea of how long each leg needed to be plus how tall each leg needed to be it was easy to rip them to width and cut them to length.  Per the instructions on the glides I drilled a hole for each glide that was 23/64” in diameter and 1-1/8” deep.

2013-12-28 001 2013-12-28 005

With the holes drilled the white portion of glides tap into the wood until they are seated.

2013-12-28 001 2013-12-28 007

Below is one of the legs with the glides installed.

2013-12-28 001 2013-12-28 006

I failed to take photos of the installation of the legs but basically each leg was glued and screwed from below up into the top.  I wanted take the easy way out and screw or nail from the table top down into the legs, but this would have not looked as clean on the top, so I decided to pass.  Fastening from the top down would have also been much stronger that fastening from below, but I had my marching orders.  Below is the quilting table with legs and adjustable feet installed.

2013-12-28 001 2013-12-28 008

A couple more photos from the front, notice I had to to a little notching by the bobbin holder so the little trap door could slide out to change the bobbins.  Nothing a little 80-grit sand paper could not take care of.

2013-12-28 001 2013-12-28 0212013-12-28 001 2013-12-28 022

A shot from behind, that shows where I had to taper the plywood in the back for the tighter fit.

2013-12-28 001 2013-12-28 023

Just another angle.

2013-12-28 001 2013-12-28 024

Now off to finish with some poly and hopefully just a light buffing with some steel wool.


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  1. It looks great. Looking forward to hearing how your wife likes using it.

    Comment by Judy @ GrandparentsPlus2 | December 29, 2013 | Reply

  2. Wow, that’s done so professionally. Maybe your wife will sew a bunch of work shirts for you. Years ago I worked for a company that required us to wear ties. My wife sewed my ties out of the same colorful material she used to sew the shirts. It met the dress code requirements while being very unique.

    Comment by solarbeez | December 29, 2013 | Reply

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