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Thinking Spring – Gardening 2014

Seed & Potato Catalogs

After recent sub zero temperatures and today’s recent warm-up I decided I was going to think spring and get a jump on ordering some new seeds for the garden.  I grabbed a couple of the seed catalogs that came in the mail the last couple months and decided to mix it up a bit.

For once I will be able to order my seed potatoes from the Maine Potato Lady.  I typically procrastinate and end up going with the generic Tractor Supply potatoes.  Now those potatoes have done ok, but I am hoping that I am selecting potatoes that will do well in our yard.  I also am going to try and pull of an early, mid-season, and late season potato harvest.  My gardening goal for 2014 is succession planting, so we will see if I can pull if off.  I decided on the following varieties of potatoes, all of which will be new to me this year:

  • Sangre, an early red potato
  • Kennebec, a mid-season tan skin potato
  • German Butter Ball, a late season yellow potato

For new seeds from the Seed Savers Exchange I am replacing a couple good varieties that I ran out of and I will also be experimenting with some new varieties as well.

  • Golden Midget Watermelon (1107) – this is a new one and will be my second attempt at growing watermelons.
  • Jalapeno (1526A) – We enjoyed jalapeno’s on the grill so much last year I figured this year I would try growing some plants from seed.
  • Yellow of Parma Onion (1347) – This is an experiment, I have not had a lot of luck with onion sets, so this year I am going to try starting them from seed.
  • Winter Density Lettuce (1523A) – Last year was a lettuce disaster, I have not had success growing lettuce so I am going to try growing one variety only and working on succession plantings.
  • A & C Pickling Cucumber(1865A) – I missed the success we had with this variety in the past when I did not buy more of this variety after running out the previous year.
  • Scarlet Nantes Carrot (1358) – Another new carrot for us to try.
  • Danvers Carrots (0357A) – A tried an true carrot for us.
  • Shirofumi (1188A) – Another experiment for us, basically trying to see if we can grow our own Edamame, we will see.
  • Provider Green Bean (1505A) We had a lot of luck with beans last year, hoping we can  have continued luck.

With the new year I am thinking spring, hopefully I can get the garden plans nailed down ahead of Sugaring season so we can have a seamless transition instead of the hurried panic we had last year.


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  1. We grew Edamame last year for the first time. They’re interesting little fuzzy pods and they tasted delicious. Happy planning – beats shoveling.

    Comment by Judy @ GrandparentsPlus2 | January 6, 2014 | Reply

  2. You made some very good choices.

    Comment by The Editors of Garden Variety | January 6, 2014 | Reply

  3. Last season was tough on the lettuce with the extreme heat. We’ve had luck here in Maine with romaine, maybe because they rhyme? The winter density looks to be a good choice.

    Our potatoes were a disaster last year with beetles attacking above ground and some kind of maggot below, I should check out the maine potato lady huh? There’s supposed to be a thaw this weekend and that has me thinking sugaring already! Your sugar tree map is pretty cool, I’d love to do that for our land. Best of luck!

    Comment by William Andrews | January 10, 2014 | Reply

  4. I just got a Maple Catalog from Bascom’s so I am starting to think sugaring as well. The unpredictability of the weather makes me nervous. I would prefer it is either winter or spring, not both. Let’s hope for a consistent sugaring season this spring!

    Comment by billcarpenter4 | January 10, 2014 | Reply

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